Networks Security

Router Security

Router security can be defined as the principal means to prevent unwanted network traffic to dissimilar networks. Routers have been created to help offload the network routing tasks from the hosts systems on the Internet. Routing is implemented in hardware eliminating the overhead necessary to run an Operating System (OS). Because of the efficiency of routers, the Internet uses routers throughout the world to route traffic to specific locations, and to prevent unwanted traffic from being routed. This form of security is considered the third line of defense for malicious or unwanted traffic in a network.

 Firewall Security

With the rise of the Internet to unprecedented levels of users across the world, the use of firewall security to prevent attacks has become more prevalent than any other security measure. Even so, this measure of security is still classified as the fifth line of defense for intrusion. Security breaches of private networks are occurring more often and are causing million of dollars worth of damage each year. A business can choose from a list of vendors to provide the necessary firewall security. ShadowTech Networking recommends using an established product such as Watchguard Firewall or Microsoft ISA server.